【CGTN】Nicaraguan president hails China's development path as 'example' for other countries

2021-12-16 10:22:05 ciwa

Source: CGTN | 2021-12-16

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Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega on Tuesday hailed China's development path as an "example" for other countries, vowing that his country stands ready to "join hands with China" on the way forward.

Ortega made the remarks in an interview with the China Media Group (CMG) during a visit to Cuba. China and Nicaragua resumed diplomatic relations last Friday.

Hailing China's "positive role" in the international community, Ortega said that the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics not only benefits the Chinese people, but also improves the welfare of people in other countries.

He said the United States and some other Western countries are "hegemonic powers," which consider themselves as the "owner of the Earth" and do not respect the international community.

They do not respect Latin American countries, which they view as their "backyard," nor do they respect big countries like China, he added, calling those Western countries "saboteurs" in the world.

Ortega on Friday said the resumption of diplomatic ties with China was "good news" for the Nicaraguan people.