【China Military Online】China's 39th naval escort taskforce completes escort mission

2021-12-15 11:11:44 ciwa

Source: China Military Online 15-Dec-2021

Original link: http://english.pladaily.com.cn/view/2021-12/15/content_10115196.htm

The guided-missile destroyer Urumqi (Hull 118) escorts a Liberian cargo ship on December 14, 2021. (Photo by Zhao Yang)

GULF OF ADEN, Dec. 15 -- The 39th Chinese naval escort taskforce has safely escorted a Qatari oil tanker, a Liberian cargo ship and Singaporean oil tanker to the designated waters in the Gulf of Aden on December 14, local time, completing the 145,7th escort mission conducted by Chinese Navy in this area.

The 39th Chinese naval escort taskforce consists of guided-missile destroyer Urumqi (Hull 118), guided-missile frigate Yantai (Hull 538) and comprehensive supply ship Taihu (Hull 889), together with two ship-borne helicopters and dozens of special operation troops.