International communication expert Mr. Jake Haselkorn visited CIWA

2021-12-03 17:42:32 ciwa

In the afternoon of October 20, 2021, Mr. Jake Haselkorn, an international communication expert and former senior consultant of CGTN, visited Chengdu Institute World Affairs. Professor Long Xingchun, President of WorldCom Institute, Mr. Wang Renxin, Deputy Secretary-General, and Ren Zhiqing, Director of Social Media, extended a warm welcome to Mr. Jake Haselkorn.

Mr. Jake Haselkorn has served as senior advisor of CGTN and head of ABC TV station in Beijing and has rich experience in international communication affairs. During the conversation, he introduced his work content in ABC and CGTN and shared his stories and insights of working in China.


Then-President Long Xingchun introduced to him the operation of CIWA, especially the Institute's efforts in the fields of think tank construction, helping local foreign relations, and committing to providing think tank solutions for governments and enterprises to carry out international exchange and cooperation.

The two sides had an in-depth discussion and exchange on international communication, international situation, and Sino-US relations.

After the pleasant exchange, Chengdu Institute World Affairs invited Mr. Jake Haselkorn as a guest researcher to provide more professional advice for the future work of the Institute in international communication.